Welcome to Star Trek Dragon! STDragon was an original fan fiction series based in the Star Trek universe. After 18 years, Star Trek Dragon will be closing its doors. I will always look back upon STDragon fondly, however, considering the website has not received an update in 6 years and I'm still paying for the webhosting and the domain name, it no longer makes sense to keep it online.

I'll keep the website open just a little bit longer, but within the next month, I'll be shutting her down. I may host the stories somewhere else some day, so if you wish to keep in touch, send me an email at jonwasik@yahoo.com!

Thank you all for such a great ride, and to all of my fans, all of the ones who emailed me during the series run, thank you :) Be sure to check out my fantasy novel series, The Sword of Dragons!


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